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Local Products and Arts around the Province of Phatthalung

Most of the local products are handicrafts, coconut, etc. Famous souvenirs include Kalamae or coconut toffee, Kluai Chap or crispy buttered banana and Luk Yi ( velvet tamarind ) candy or crispy baked prawn, etc.


Manora or Nora It is a kind of local performing art in the South. Phatthalung, in particular, is called an origin of the Manora dance. Assumably, it was an influence from the South of India, together with Lakhon Chatri ( theatrical show by males ). However, some dancing patterns were changed to match folk cultures in each province. There are 12 major dancing patterns. The audience will see dancing patterns and listen to lyrics sung by dancers, be they impromptu or composed verses.

Talung It is a popular folk performance in the South. Talung puppet figures are made of hard dried sheets of cattle hide cut and carved beautifully into characters for a shadow play. The characters are usually painted wholly in black and each of them is put firmly between a split bamboo slat called Mai Tap. A character’s mouth and hands will be moved to accord with the narration. A Talung ensemble comprises puppet masters who are also vocalists, and a band, with not over eight persons. The musical instruments include pipe, drum, Phon ( a kind of local drum ) and gong.

Local Products

Coconut Shell Products Coconut shells are made into various products.

They are available at Ban Khok Wua in Chai Buri.

Food Products Popular souvenirs are caramel of Tambon Nang Lat, dried

banana and Indian beech candy.

Reed Mats Reed is found in Thale Noi area. The villagers living around

Thale Noi use reed to produce mats and various handicrafts.

Shadow Play Figures Shadow play figures are available at Ban Bang Kaeo,

Chai Buri district.

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