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Kaeng Loengchan The big reservoir is situated back of Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University, some three km from Maha Sarakham city. Around the area is fishery station which breeds and distributes different kinds of fresh water fish to provinces in the region.


Pottery Village The villagers here inherited ancient method of pottery from their ancestor. From water pot and cooking pots, they have diversified their products into various designs to cope with modern living style.


Ku Mahathat  Built in the 13th Century to serve as a hospital during the reign of King Chaivoraman VII, the laterite ruins was created in Bayon style in rectangular shape. With 8 m high and 4 m wide, the ruins house two gods made from terra cotta, sitting legs crossed with conchs in hands.


City Shrine  The shrine was built by Thao Mahachai, the first ruler of Maha Sarakham who has moved from Roi-Et to build new city here. The city shrine was built as a sacred icon of the city where Maha Sarakham people pay lot of respect.

Khong Kut Wai Fish Sanctuary Situated ten km from Maha Sarakham City, the lake is home to over 100 species of freshwater fish.


Ku Santarat is on the way to Na Dun. To get there, take Highway No. 2040 past Kae Dam and Wapi Pathum, then turn right onto Road No. 2045 and drive for one kilometre. The site is a stone sanctuary built in the reign of King Jayavoraman VII. This Bayon-style building was completed during 1157-1207. This square laterite structure is similar to Ku Maha That. The front doorway has a remarkably beautiful lintel.


Phra That Na Dun, or the Buddha Monthon of Issan, is the area where historical and archaeological

findings that proved the magnificence of the ancient city of Champa Si were made. Artefacts found

here are now on display at the Khon Kaen National Museum. The most important piece is the stupa

( pagoda ) encasing the holy relics of Lord Buddha in gold, silver and bronze caskets. The site was

from the Dvaravati period of the 8th-10th century. This model for Phra That Na Dun comes alive every

Makha Bucha Day. How to get there, From Maha Sarakham City, use highway 2040 via Amphoe

Kae Dam and Wapi Pathum, turn right into highway 2045 to Amphoe Na Dun. Prathat is 65 km's from

Maha Sarakham City.

Maha Sarakham Province, Thailand. Places to see and visit around Maha Sarakham Province:

Maha Sarakham Province,Thailand. Page 4, Places to see and visit around Maha Sarakham Province: