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Phra Yuen Mongkhon and Phra Ming Muang Buddha images are the most important Buddha images of the province. They are at Tambon Khan Than Rat on Highway No. 213, about 14 kilometres from town. The images are in the Dvaravati style and are made of red sandstone. It is believed that they can make rainfall in the rainy season. Legend says a man built the Ming Muang image, while a woman built the Yun Mongkhon image.

Ban Nong Khuean Chang Handicraft Village The village produces silk, cotton textiles, and other products such as scarf's, shoulder cloths, cotton shirts, and Issan style trousers.

Ban Phaen Slender Sedge Mat  For earning extra, villagers of Ban Phaen produce high quality mat from slender sedge in unique weaving pattern.

Kosamphi Forest Park Acquiring total area of 125 rais ( 50 acres ) in Tambon Hua Khwang,

by Chi River, the park was established on October 1, 1976. The shady park is home to

different big trees such as Yang, Tabaek ( Lagerstroemia floribunda Jack ) and Kathum

Anthocephalus chinensis whose canopies connect to each other. With natural pond and

scenery, this park is home to different kinds of bird, big herd of crab - eating macaque,

as well as rare golden crab-eating macaque. Attractions in the park include.

Kaeng Tat. Rapids in Chi River is situated at north and east of the park. Base rock acquires wide area in the river. When the river descends between November and May, shallow water allows rapids to appear. It has beautiful setting around the area.

Lan Khoi. The terrain is occupied by toothbrush trees. Today, over 200 of them are bended into different shapes.

Crab - eating macaque. The animals make this park their home. There are two kinds of crab-eating macaques in the park, the grey and golden macaque.

How to get there, From Maha Sarakham City, take highway 208 for 28 kilometres. At Kosum Phisai Intersection, get into asphalt road and keep going for 450 metres.  

located in Moo 1, Hua Khwang Sub district, Kosum Pisai District, Maha Sarkham Province, covered the area of 0.20 sq.km. The Royal Forest Department declared this Forest Park on October 1, 1966.

Maha Sarakham Province,Page 5, Places to see and Visit, Kosamphi Forest Park.

Maha Sarakham Province, Places to see, Kosamphi Forest Park.