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Walai Rukhavej Botanical Research Institute  The institute makes research on conserving, improving, and distributing flora of the region. It has a bamboo terrain, herbal garden, Issan Cart Museum, and Issan traditional house museum that features different kinds of house in Issan.

Mahasarakham University has a modern campus just north of town about eight kilometres on highway 213. The university has an outdoor museum built in traditional Issan style as well as a small zoo. The university's older campus near downtown has The Museum of Northeastern Culture.

Wang Ma Cha ( Fish Sanctuary ) is about five kilometres northeast of downtown. A great place to relax at the many gazebos on the lake, feed the huge catfish, and wander through the little zoo. It is suggested to have a tuk-tuk driver who knows the park, to take you there, and then pay him waiting time for the duration of your stay at the park to ensure return transportation.

About 90 minutes south of Mahasarakham is a large Chedi Prathat Na Dune which houses a relic of Buddha. The surrounding large park is a great place for a picnic in the shade of the many trees which are part of the grounds. A nearby replica of an ancient Issan village gives you a feel for the cultural roots of the area. You will see exhibits which show the silk-making process as well as ancient farm implements.


Bun Boek Fa Fair and Red Cross Fair  Held annually on the third lunar day of February to celebrate the early period of harvest season, the fair aims also to conserve Issan cultural heritage. There is parade to honour the goddess of rice and Baisee ceremony. Moreover, fair goers can enjoy various local performances.

Phra That Na Dun Festival  The Celebration is held annually on the full moon of February in Maka Bucha Day at Buddhist Park of Issan. The week long celebration will features Buddhism-related activities such as giving alms to the monks, vipassana practice, dhamma lecture, and the glory performance  Champasi-Natakan.

On Son Klong Yao Festival  The annual festival is held during March 12 /16 at the field by Amphoe Wapi Pathum Office. The fair features long drum contest, float of long drum, Issan traditional performances, beauty contest, performances.

Monkey Feeding Festival Held every April 2 at Kosamphi Forest Park, Amphoe Kosumpisai, it is festival where people can feed monkeys in Kosumpi Botanical Park.

Rocket Festival  Held every May and April at the field by Amphoe Na Chuak Office, the festival organizes rocket contest and float.

Candle Festival The festival is held at Amphoe Kosum Phisai to mark the Buddhist’s Lent. The festival features float and candle contest.

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