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Phayao is one of the northern provinces ( Changwat ) of Thailand. Neighbouring provinces are Nan, Phrae, Lampang and Chiang Rai. In the north-east it borders Xaignabouli of Laos.The city of Phayao is located at the Phayao lake ( Kwan Phayao ) in the valley of the Ing River. Three big mountains surround the valley, the Doi Luang ( 1697 mtr ), Doi Khun Mae Fat ( 1550 mtr ) and Doi Khun Mae Tam ( 1330 mtr ).

After Phayao was founded in 1096 it was a small city-state kingdom. In the 13th century it gained enough importance to be equal partner of King Mengrai of Lannathai and the Sukhothai kingdom. However a later king of Lannathai captured Phayao in 1338, and made it part of Lannathai. During the Burmese rulership of Lannathai the city became deserted, and in 1897 became part of the province Chiang Rai. Becoming effective on August 28, 1977 it was split off from Chiang Rai again, and became a province of its own.

Virtually enveloped by mountains and valleys, Phayao is a small peaceful province. Though with only modest facilities and conveniences, it is an enchanting community with delightful natural beauty and fascinating religious sites. Dating back to more than 900 years, it used to be an independent state with its own rulers before it became a part of the Lanna Thai kingdom in mid-14th century.

Phayao is about 691 kilometres form Bangkok and covers an area of 6,335 square kilometres

The provincial seal shows Buddha, representing the famous Buddha image in the temple Wat Si Khom Kham called Phra Chao Ton Luang. Behind him are seven flames showing the glory of Buddha. In front of Buddha is a bowl and two ears of rice.

The province is subdivided in nine districts ( Amphoe ). These are further sub divided into 68 sub districts ( Tambon ) and 632 villages ( Muban ).

1).   Mueang Phayao   2).   Chun   3).    Chiang Kham  4).    Chiang Muan   5).    Dok Khamta Mueang Phayao   6).    Pong    7).    Mae Chai     8).    Phu Sang    9).    Phu Kamyao

Phayao Province, Geography of the Province, Provincial Seal, and Districts.

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