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Narathiwat is a province on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand at the border of Malaysia; its people are engaged in fishing and trading with neighbouring countries and the province has a white elephant called Phra Sri Nararat Rajakarin, who is featured on the provincial seal. Located about 1,150 kilometres south of Bangkok, Narathiwat is the southernmost province in Thailand where it is one of five that border Malaysia, here at Amphoe Su-ngai Kolok, where the southern railway line ends. With Amphoe Su-ngai Kolok serving as an economic and border tourism centre, the province welcomes an increasing numbers of Malaysians and Singaporean's on short holidays or shopping sprees.

There is a Internet cafe east of the town’s clock tower. The main Narathiwat post office is on Phichit Bamrung Rd towards the southern end of town.The central police station is on the corner of Phichit Bamrung and Suriya Pradit Roads south of the clock tower.

In 1915, King Rama VI bestowed the name “Narathiwat,” meaning “home of good people” on the province that has a constant flow of trade and a fusion of cultures the majority who are Muslims who speak the distinctive Yawi language. Besides its cultural attractions, Narathiwat has beautiful beaches and is the region where most Thai gold is mined. Located about 1,150 kilometres south of Bangkok, Narathiwat is the southernmost province in Thailand where it borders Malaysia. Consequently, Narathiwat draws many Malaysians and Singaporean visitors and features a distinct culture featuring many Muslim Thais. Seventy five percent of Narathiwat is covered with jungles and mountains, there are numerous beaches, and there several magnificent temples to visit.

How to Get to Narathiwat Province.

Option in Narathiwat, Thailand As Su-ngai Kolok Checkpoint, one of the primary border crossings between Thailand and Malaysia, is located in Narathiwat, direct travel to Narathiwat or the border is possible from as far as Bangkok via car, bus, or train, and Narathiwat is serviced by regular flights from Bangkok.

By Train

The State Railway of Thailand has a daily express and rapid Bangkok-Tanyongmat ( Narathiwat )-Su-ngai Kolok service that departs from the Hua Lumphong Railway Station at 13:00 and 15:10. For more information, call Tel. 1690, 0 2223 7010, 0 2223 7020; Su-ngai Kolok station Tel. 0 7361 1162, 0 7361 4060; or visit www.railway.co.th The Su-ngai Kolok Narathiwat train station is located about 20 kilometres west of town, which is accessible via songtaew for 20 baht.

Su-ngai Kolok Checkpoint is around one kilometre from Su-ngai Kolok train station.