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How to Get to Narathiwat Province by Air Cont: and by train

Nok Airlines and Air Asia serve Narathiwat Airport, located about 15 km north of the City near the Chulabhorn Military Installation from Bangkok. There are no public busses picking up passengers at the airport, but you can take grey mini busses to Mueang Narathiwat ( town ), 80 Baht, Taba ( Tak Bai ) Checkpoint, 180 Baht, and Su-Ngai Kolok, 200 Baht.

Car rental service is also available and is provided by some guesthouses. Be aware that only Commercial First Class Insurance provides full coverage on rental cars ( as opposed to limited personal or third party only insurance ). Most international car rental agencies will offer this insurance ( some only for those with a valid international driver’s license ) while local companies may or may not. You may wish to request a copy of their insurance policy and ensure that it states For Commercial Use. Regardless, inspect rental vehicles before rental and drive with caution, particularly as traffic in Thailand can be quite confusing, especially the habit of Thai motorcycles drivers to drive on the wrong side of the road.

For around 100 to 200 Baht per day you may also be able to hire your own motorbike, which will typically require you to leave your passport as a deposit. Be sure to inspect bikes before rental and drive with extreme caution as rental motorbikes are not normally insured and accidents are frequent. Helmets are required by Thai law.To get around the province there are several options if you do not wish to hire your own vehicle. There are both taxis and public busses, including the bus to Sungai Kolok, which costs around 20 Baht and takes around an hour via Ban Taba and Tak Bai.

By Train

Su-Ngai Kolok in the Province of Narathiwat near the Malaysian Border with the State of Kelantan ( Kota Bharu ) is the southern Terminal station for the Bangkok - Su-Ngai Kolok route. Several trains run daily. Visitors to Narathiwat City may disembark before this station but lack of public transport may make travel from the smaller stations to the Province's capital awkward. Plans to connect the missing link ( 21 km of track ) between Su-Ngai Kolok and Pasir Mas in Malaysia are on the tables but executing construction has not begun yet. Pasir Mas lies on the northern leg of the so called Jungle train, connecting the northern Malaysian Gulf region with the rest of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore.

Recent Terrorist activities in the Province lead quite frequently to a cancellation of trains proceeding further south than Hat Yai. Derailments of passenger trains by sabotaged tracks and the recent killings of Railway staff within the train have again lead to temporary halts of all services. Trains full of passengers have also be prone to wildly fired bullets by insurgents. Presently the services have resumed, please inquire before departure on current situations there.

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