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The Phikun Thong Development Study Centre is located in Narathiwat town. The centre was established according to an initiative of His Majesty the King who saw the necessity for a knowledge centre for land reform in the area. It has a complete range of activities such as analysing and testing plants, livestock care, providing technical know-how and providing agricultural training. It is divided into office buildings, demonstration plots and testing plots in swamp forest areas. Royal projects include a soil project that adds maximum acidity to paddy soil, then attempts to find a solution so it can be used to counter acidic soil nationwide, and a new concept in agriculture that is used in areas with an abundant supply of water and planting of oil palm in highly organic soil.

The Siri Maya Pagoda is situated on the hill adjacent to the Khao Kong Buddhist Park in Lam Phu, Narathiwat town. The pagoda is bell-shaped. Small pagodas housing Phra Phrom images were built above all four doorways and the holy relics of Lord Buddha are enshrined at the very top of the pagoda. Local residents built the pagoda as a dedication to Her Majesty the Queen.

Open days   Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Tomoh Chinese Goddess Fair  Staged in Su-ngai Kolok, usually during late April, the fair features dragon and lion dances, revelry and religious processions. There is a great festive atmosphere, very colourful, and a great day out for all the family. It attracts both locals and many tourists.Open days    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Narathiwat New Central Mosque is a religious site for Thai Muslims. The Arabian style building has three floors. The ground floor is the main convention hall and the prayer rooms are on the top two floors. The top is covered with a large dome and

there is a high tower for calling Muslims to prayer.

The Chao Mae Tomo Shrine is located in Soi Phuthon, Charoen Khet Road in Su- Ngai Kolok in the Narathiwat province. Originally it was located at Ban Tomo in Su Khirin, but villagers transferred it to Su-ngai Kolok. The goddess is highly revered by the local residents and residents of nearby provinces, as well as Chinese Malaysians. Every year, a festival is held at the shrine on the 23 rd day of the third month of the Chinese calendar.

Ban Yakang is an old community that has been in existence since the province was just Bang Nara village. It is now a major Batik production centre. The fabrics made here have beautiful designs and colours, all made by traditional techniques.

Places to see in Narathiwat Province.

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