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Thai Food, Isan Region

Northeastern region known to the Thai’s as Isan, boasts a unique and tasty cuisine that has taken the country by storm. But beware of the fiery green chilli's, that can be found in many of the dishes. They may be small, but they pack one hell of a punch.

If juicy B-B-Q chicken, tender slices of roast beef and nutritious native salads make your mouth water, then prepare yourself to savor the kingdom's array of the finest delicacies guaranteed to alter your culinary pleasures.

Among Thai’s, the Northeast, is famed for its delightful spicy food. Making it even spicier and appetizing is the liberal use of those fiery little green and red chilli's.

The meal begins when diners sit around a circular table cluttered with a variety of dishes. In front of each participant is a woven bamboo basket containing sticky rice  - Khan Nieow. The diners make tiny ball-sized lumps out of the rice, using it to mix and dip food from the dishes laid before them. No utensils are used. Eating in this manner is a significant part of the Isan people's lives. It creates a bond-a sense of intimacy and togetherness.

A typical Isan meal includes "som tum" shredded green papaya salad; kai yang, barbecued chicken; roast beef, pork, liver; dried beef "larb" ground pork, beef, chicken, duck or fresh blood cooked in Isan style. Nor-mai," boiled bamboo shoot soup. All dishes are eaten with fresh vegetables. Deep fried beef or crispy chicken skin are eaten as snacks between courses and a few sips of beer.

Isan restaurant are scattered all over Thailand, many carry the famous som turn. In fact, almost all Thai restaurants scattered around the country, always have som turn. Try the Isan cuisine once, and you will love it!



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Isan Food

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