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The last person whose name appeared on the trust deed who died was his great-grandson Khaw Bian Ho, who died on October 21, 1972. Twenty-one years later on October 21, 1993, the Trust was vested, and the Trustees began the process of winding up Koe Guan Kong Lun. Khaw Soo Cheang who gave up his position as Governor of Ranong in 1874 arranged for his 2nd son Khaw Sim Kong to lead the family enterprise in Thailand until the latter's death in 1912. His fourth son Khaw Sim Khim took on the role of managing and leading the family interest in Penang until his death in 1903. However after the death of Khaw Sim Bee in 1913, a commissioner from outside the area was appointed to stop the traditionally inherited administrative power of the family. The family  divided into the Malaysian and Thai portions of the family. In 1932 all Chinese immigrants and their descendants had to adopt a Thai name after the military coup. The family of Khaw Soo Cheang on the Thai side of the border had been given the name meaning from Ranong by the Thai King and became the Na Ranong family. In Malaysia and elsewhere they are still known as the Khaw family.

Khaw Soo Cheang, Khaw Sim Kong. Khaw Sim Teik and Khaw Sim Bee's tombs are today located in Ranong. The tombs of Khaw Sim Khim is located in Batu Lanchang Chinese cemetery while Khaw Sim Chua who had no sons is purportedly buried off Kampar Road in Penang. Today the eldest son Sim Cheng and the third son Sim Chua's family are extinct. Today the only vestige of his presence in Penang is the Penang state hall known as Dewan Sri Pinang which sits on the land known as Ranong grounds which was given by the Khaw family to the then government of the day in gratitude for the opportunities. The houses where the Khaw family resided on the famous millionaires' road Northam Road such as Asdang, Chakrabong and the house owned by Khaw Sim Khim opposite the old Shih Chung school besides No 32, have all been sold and demolished and no longer remain in the hands of the family.

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