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Rattanarangsarn Palace, Phraya Damrong sutjarit Mahitsornpakdee ( Kor Sim Kong )

built this throne hall for the residence of King Rama V during the royal visit to Ranong

Province on April23–25, 1890. It is located on the hilltop named Niwest Kiree. But the

original throne hall waslater dismantled and replaced by the city hall and then the new

provincial hall was built in 2002.It was made of teak wood. It is a historical tourist

attraction of Ranong residents.

Ranong Governor’s Grave This Chinese grave of Phraya Rattanasetthi ( Kho Su Chiang ), Ranong’s first governor, is situated on a piece of land dedicated by King Rama V. There are three tiers of stone platform with steps leading up to the grave with antique granite sculptures of Chinese noblemen, horses, goats and lions on both sides.

Hot Springs and Raksawarin Public Park  The hot springs have been a popular tourist spot ever since King Rama V visited Ranong in 1890. There are three natural spring pools. The temperature of the water in the pools remains constant at about 65 °C.

Wat Hat Som Paen  This temple is on Khlong Hat Som Paen and provides a sanctuary for a shoal of soro brook carp.

Wat suwan Khiri  It contains a Burmese style Chedi, over 70 years old and ten metres in height, which was built by a Burmese, a main ordination hall or Phra Ubosot where a beautifully bejeweled standing Buddha image is enshrined and a belfry decorated with a feline pattern.

Namtok Punyaban  Formerly known as Namtok Set Takuat, this 20-metre high waterfall is located at Mu 1 Tambon Bang Non, on the right at km. 597 on Highway No.4 towards Chumphon.

Namtok Ton Phet  Surrounded by moist evergreen forest with Ranong’s highest Phota Chong Dong Mountains being the source of water, each tier of the falls cascade down boulders all year round.

Phukhao Ya ( Grass Hill ) or Khao Hua Lan ( Bald Hill )  Known to locals by a variety of names and endearingly called Thailand’s version of a Swiss pasture, this hill is something of an anomaly as it is completely treeless, being covered instead by a thick blanket of grass.

Hat Chan Damri This small beach and pier, and a nearby hillside viewpoint offer good vantage points from which to witness seafaring life along the mouth of Ranong's principal river.