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Visa runs - is a likely reason to come to Ranong. You can catch a songtaew from the market on the main road. It costs 10 Baht to get to Saphan Pla, the fishing port providing the link to Kawthoung (aka Victoria Point), a fishing town in Myanmar. Most songtaews end here eventually, though some follow a longer route than others. You will either be dropped across the road from the immigration office, or at a small roadside cafe a few metres away. Your first stop is to go the immigration office where you must formally exit Thailand. Get your passport stamped and then head for the pier.

It is likely you will be offered a boat by touts. A long tail boat should cost around 300 Baht (return), whether you're on your own or in a group. The price you pay for a boat should be negotiated before you get in. There have been stories of tourists being charged up to 1,000 Baht. There is also a big boat which is used by more organised visa runs, and a small-scale trip via long tail usually coordinated by a white haired chap in a gold coloured pickup who hangs around the bus station. Long tails are faster and less people mean less waiting time at the various immigration points. The big boat is slower and takes longer because of the number of passports to be checked, but can work out cheaper.

You will need US$10 (in the form of US dollar banknote) to enter Myanmar and they like the notes to be in top condition, especially with no writing on them. Local touts sell US dollar notes, but at very uncompetitive rates. On weekends the Myanmar authorities also require, photocopies of your passport done by a small shop at the immigration office for 10 Baht.

The boat will first go to a Thai Immigration checkpoint, and the driver will take your passport to be inspected, then to a Myanmar Immigration checkpoint a few km later. For some reason they don't need to see your passport there. When you arrive in Kawthoung there will be plenty of touts offering cheap whiskey/cigarettes/guided tours. You must first enter the country by going the immigration office to the left as you exit the short pier. It is here you hand over your $30 and tell them (they have English) that you're a day-tripper. In fact they'll sell you a visa which entitles you to stay for up to 2 weeks. This should be given serious consideration, Kawthoung would be well worth a few days. If you're just staying the day, Myanmar immigration will stamp you in and out in one go so you won't have to go back there again on your way out. Continued…….

Ranong Main Street

Chedi des Wat Upanantaram, Ranong.

Koh Kam, Ranong