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1st January: Public holiday. Even if the traditional  Thai New Year is celebrated in April (Songkran Festival), the year changes on January 1st. Thai people start counting the years from Buddha's birth, 543 years before Jesus Christ, but the western calendar is also used - that is why you sometimes see for example 2009 written as 2552. If you are in Bangkok, the countdown usually takes place at the World Trade Centre ( Chitlom BTS station ).

January: Children's day is celebrated on the second Saturday of January. On this special day many events are held for children, and parents take their children out, for instance to amusement parks.

16th January: On Teachers' Day, all pupils will pay respect to their teachers during a ceremony at school. In Thailand teachers are still very respected.

26th January 2009 Chinese New Year's Day the Chinese New Year on the first day of the First Lunar month,.Around 10% of Thai people are of Chinese descent, and the Chinese New Year is a big event. If you are in Bangkok, join the celebrations in Chinatown!


February:  Magha Bucha Day.End of February/beginning of March, depending on the moon. This commemorates the day when 1250 of Buddha's disciples gathered spontaneously to hear him preach. Buddhists visit Wat's and make merit by such acts as releasing caged birds. In the evening the celebrations culminate in a candle lit procession around the main temple building.


6th April: Chakri Day - Public Holiday - Commemorates the founding of the Chakri Dynasty, of which the present King Bhumipon is the 9th King. Portraits of the King and Queen are prominently displayed and decked with tributes of flowers.

This is the celebration of the old Thai New Year. Buddhists visit the temple for the ceremony of Rod Nam Dam Nua. They sprinkle water on the Buddha images, and on the hands of the monks and novices at the temple, as an offering to express confidence that the supply of water will be adequate to cover the dry season.

13th-15th April: Songkran - This holiday has now become secularised, with many people taking to the streets throwing water at one another, by the cup full, the bucket full, or even with a hose. To add to the fun, talc is mixed with the water and may be daubed on your face. Take it all in good spirit, no one is exempt Sometimes ice is added to the water.

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