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1st May: National Labour Day.

5th May: Coronation Day, a public holiday on 6th May to commemorate the coronation of  the king.

11th May: Royal Ploughing Ceremony, Held in Bangkok at Sanam Luang, King Bhumibol oversees the ancient Ploughing Ceremony to mark the beginning of the rice-planting season. This ceremony began in India, but it has been practiced in Thailand for hundreds of years. The ceremony is very important for Thai farmers, because it predicts how much rain will fall and how well the crops will grow. Thousands of farmers come to the Grand Palace to watch.

May : Visakha Bucha, Full moon of the 6th Lunar Month. This is the holiest of all the auspicious Buddhist religious days, marking the birth, enlightenment, and death of Lord Buddha. All over the country, people go to temples to listen to sermons by revered monks and make merit. Shortly after sunset, candlelit ceremonies take place around major temples.


July: Asahara Bucha Day, The full-moon day of the eighth lunar month marks the preaching of Lord Buddha's first sermon to his first five disciples after attaining Enlightenment more than 2,500 years ago. In the evening, candlelit processions take place in Buddhist temples around the country.

Jul 8, 2009  Khao Phansa -  The retreat lasts three months for the monks, who are not allowed to sleep outside their temple. Some people refrain from drinking alcohol, and there is no major festival until October. Buddhist Lent, This day marks the commencement of the Buddhist Lent or Phansa during which monks must reside inside their temples to study and meditate. This is also the most auspicious time for Buddhist ordinations since it marks a period of renewed spiritual vigour.


12th August: Public holiday. The birthday of Queen Sirikit, who was born in 1932, is also celebrated as Mother's Day. As the Queen was born on a Friday, and light blue is the colour associated to Friday, people usually dress in light blue, to show their love and respect.& the Thai people decorate their houses and public buildings. Around Bangkok, Ratchadamnoen Avenue, the area around the Grand Palace and other well-known locations are adorned with coloured lights and magnificent adornments.

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