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Oct 4, 2009 Awk Phansa - The end of the Buddhist Lent. Monks are allowed to go out of temples, and people gather to bring them offerings of robes and food, in a ceremony called Thot Kathin, which lasts one month.

23rd October: Chulalongkorn Day - Public Holiday - This commemorates the death of King Chulalongkorn, Rama V who died in 1910. Under his reign, Siam had become a semi-modern country, and had continued to escape colonial rule. Nowadays Rama V is worshipped as a semi-god, many people bringing offerings in front of his statues or portraits in the hope of having their prayers answered.- he reigned between 1868 and 1910. He is renowned for his achievements in the fields of education, modernisation and progressive thinking

October.  Buffalo Races Held in Chonburi (80 Km east of Bangkok)


November: Loy Krathong - happens on the first full moon day of November. Thai people buy or make a krathong, made of natural materials, containing a candle, incense sticks, a coin or two and beautifully decorated with flowers are then launched into the sea at night the krathongs or  set adrift on a nearby river or pond, as an offering to the spirit of the water to wash away the sins. According to an ancient proverb, when a boy and a girl float a krathong together, they will be lovers either in this life or the next. The festival is believed to date back to the Sukhothai period, but its exact significance is uncertain.


5th December: Public holiday. This is the birthday of Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great, the world's longest reigning monarch "the beloved King and father of all Thai people", and it is also Father's Day (like the Queen's birthday is also Mother's Day). All Thailand is dressed in yellow on this special day, as the King was born on a Monday, the day of the week to which yellow is associated. Thai people often wears a yellow shirt on Mondays, throughout the year, or on every occasion where they want to show their love and respect of the King.

10th December: Constitution Day, a public holiday on the 10th December to commemorate the start of the constitution monarchy

25th December - Christmas is of course a Christian tradition and doesn't belong in Thai culture. But Thai people love to offer gifts to one another, and Christmas, like elsewhere, has also become a commercial and marketing event. Not surprisingly, Christmas trees can be found in Bangkok's shopping centre’s, rather than in people's living rooms.

31st December  -New Year's Eve -The end of the old year when everybody celebrates.

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