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Surin Elephant Village.  Located in Ban Ta Klang.

With the total area about 8,124 km 2 (3,137 sq mi), Surin province is located in the north east of Thailand between the Mun River in the north and Dongrek Mountain Chain in the South. Originally, it was named as Khu Prathai Village by the governor of the city, Luang Surin Phakdi, and used to be the old city of the ancient Cambodian back around 200 years ago. The city has 13 districts and 4 sub districts with 450 kilometres away from Bangkok city by cars and 420 kilometres by train. Surin province is well known for a beautiful scenario for a travelling purpose and a great place for souvenir shopping.

It has earned a reputation for its fine silk and notable silver beads & ornaments such as necklaces, belts, rings, watches and bracelets etc. in Khwao Sinaring Handicraft Village. By visiting Mueang district, tourists can buy many home made food such as shredded pork (Mu Yong), Chinese sausage (Koon Chiang), and sweet radish in honey etc. Internationally, Surin has many well-known festivals, for instance, the Annual Grand Elephant Round Up, Eel Festival, and Buffalo Blessing Festival etc.

The motto of the city is: ~ Surin the land of elephants, splendid silk, beautiful silver beads, stone castles, sweet cabbage, aromatic rice, beautiful culture.

Ban Ta Klang Elephant Village is located in the ancient Kui village, where elephants have been raised for hundreds of years since the time when their ancestors settled down in the dry evergreen forest. This area had an abundance of food for the retired war elephants, which were earlier sent to Ayutthaya as tax in kind instead of being conscripted. Surin province is known worldwide for it's annual elephants festivals that attract many visitors from around the world.

There are also elephant rides available so you can view and experience Thailand the way it was. This  ancient  Kui  village  has  raised  elephants  for  hundreds  of  years,  since  the  time  when  their  ancestors  settled  down  in  the Dry  evergreen  forest  at  the  juncture  of  the  Mun  and  the  Chi  Rivers.  This  area  had  abundant  food  to  feed  retired  war  elephants,  which  were  earlier  sent  to  Ayutthaya  as  tax  in  kind  instead  of  being  conscripted.