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Wat Bot  This is an old temple constructed in an unusual style having iron rails as the core of the lower part.

The window and door panels of the chapel were carved exquisitely by the best artisan of Sing Buri, a man by

the name of Chuen Hathakosol, who devoted ten years of his life doing this piece of work.

In Buri National Museum This museum is situated inside a temple called Wat Bot. It exhibits several old

objects such as King Rama Vs palanquin, large shadow play figures, various styles of Phat Yot

( monk ranking ecclesiastical fans ), a Green Stone Buddha Image, and an ancient sugar cane crushing machine.

Wat Phra Prang and Ancient Kilns   This ancient site is located in Tambon  Choeng  Klat, Amphoe

Bang Rachan, 17 km. west of  the town. The temple contains an old pagoda of the Lop Buri style

assumed to have been constructed during the reign  of  King Narai the Great. The pagoda measures 15

metres high and has some Buddha images at its base. Not far from the pagoda, 3 - 4 ruined ancient

kilns have been discovered. They  were used for firing  earthen ware during the Ayutthaya period. The

kilns were  relatively large and once  produced  jars, bowls, mortars, pots,  gable tops, and floor tiles.

Local Products to look out for

Khanom Pia ( Chinese pastry ) has been a famous souvenir of Sing Buri since 1936 and is known for its

delicious taste and freshness. The Chinese pastry is made in various flavours and fillings.

Pla Chon Mae La: Sing Buri is well-known for its source of tasty striped snakehead fish.

Salapao Mae Saichai: this Guangzhou style of Salopao ( Chinese bun ) is well-known for its soft texture and for being able to be stored for a long period.

Kun Chiang and Mu Yong: Chinese pork sausage and flossy pork are long famous as a souvenir for being crispy, less oily and very delicious.

Nuea Thup and Mu Thup : Pounded dried beef and pork are very popular. They can be stored for a long period.

Mother of Pearl inlay products are made at Ban Paeng opposite Wat Chinda Mani. These skilful work of fine art range from small items such as Talum Muk ( footed container with an inward curved mouth ), jewellery caskets, betel nut containers and bags to large - scale furniture.

Mattress Making: Sing Buri produces quality mattresses filled with new kapok, featuring fine embroidery and with a beautiful design.

Basketry: Pieces of basketry are made in different forms and popular as souvenirs. Materials used are rattan, bamboo and water hyacinth. They are woven into various figures such as hens, shrimp, frogs, baskets, food covers, and many more. They are finely crafted with beautiful designs.

Krayasat: A somewhat crispy rice sweet. It is sweet and at the same time crispy and soft.

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