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Ancient Siam, Muang Boran, Samut Prakan, Thailand.

Samut Prakan Province, Page 71, Ancient Siam, Muang Boran, Maps of how to get there and entrance photo's

Admission Fees to the Ancient City for individuals

Adults 700 Baht each

Children 350 Baht each

Tram Tour with Guide (in English)

Adults 100 Baht each

Children 100 Baht each

Private Guide in Thai

1250 Baht

Private Guide in English

1,500 Baht ( 2 Hours )

Personal Vehicle /  Van Entry (excluding driver)

400 Baht each

Bicycle Rental (excluding admission fee)

Single 50 Baht each

Duo 100 Baht each

Triple 150 Baht each

Personal Bicycles

50 Baht each

Special offer for Groups

Private Tram with Guide in Thai

7,500 Baht for group of 30

Private Tram  with Guide in English

15,000 for group of 30

Note: These rates include

Tickets / Guide / Tram

For Enquiry, contact Tel: 0-2709-1644 / 0-2709-1648

The hire of the Golf Buggy’s is by the hour & is dependent on the number of passengers.

Do’s and Don’ts for visitors to The Ancient City

Please do not make loud noises that disrupt the serene atmosphere.

Please do not touch, write on, or scratch the monuments.

Please do not pick the flowers.

Please do not climb on sculptures or monuments.

Please do not litter

Please do not park close to the curb.

Please do not play in the ponds, marshes, canals or waterfalls.

Please do not catch or harm any animal.

Please do not bring guns or explosives into the grounds.

Fireworks, firecrackers and camp fires are strictly forbidden.

Pets are not allowed in Ancient Siam

Practice driving is forbidden.

Right strictly  reserved for slides / photographs / films / and video recording

Ancient Siam  security guards may request people who fail to observe these regulations to leave the park. Anyone causing damage will be held responsible. Institutions sponsoring group tours will be held responsible for their members