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Ancient Siam, Muang Boran, Samut Prakan, Thailand.

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The Royal Water Course Procession The late Ayutthaya became rich and well known among foreigners as one of the important trade cities in South east Asia. To celebrate the prosperity and dignity of the kingdom, many state ceremonies and artistic work were created.

A group of royal barges were also started on this occasion. The royal barges, adapted from war ships, were used in many important state ceremonies such as the reception of the royal guests and the royal procession welcoming diplomats and carrying royal letters or commands. Some other royal processions were also held in special royal ceremonies. The most extraordinary royal processions were held when the king went to pay homage to the Buddha's Footprints in Saraburi and when he performed rites in the Katin Festival. The great grand royal barge processions were witnessed by both Thai and foreign audiences.

The procession exhibited at Muang Boran is painstakingly constructed based on real barges which have been used since the late Ayutthaya period. While the construction of the graceful barges has proved the prosperity of the long-established Siamese civilization, the barges reflect the tradition al Thai way of life which relied very much on public waterways, rivers and canals.

Bodhisattva Avalokitesavara ( Kuan -Yin ) performing a miracle. The Bodhisattva Avalokitesavara is also honoured as Kuan-Yin, the preserver of Buddhism.

In this capacity, an image of the Buddha is set in the crown above the deity’s forehead. Upholding Buddhism means that justice is maintained.

The deity conquers the malevolent forces that threaten humanity by performing a miracle which frightens away evil spirits.