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Generally, there is no mandatory requirement for nationals of the UK, and many other countries, who wish to travel to Thailand to take any further vaccinations than are required in their own country. Furthermore it is not generally necessary to produce any certificate or declaration to show that any specific inoculations have been taken other than for yellow fever where applicable. However, a traveller may wish to discuss the matter with their General Practitioner.

Yellow Fever:

Any person wishing to enter Thailand who has visited any country which is a declared as being within a “Yellow Fever Infected Area” within 3 months prior to entering Thailand must be able to provide a valid International Health Certificate showing that they have been vaccinated against Yellow Fever. The traveller must be able to present the original valid International Health Certificate to the Thailand Immigration Officer at the point of entry into the Kingdom.

The following countries are declared as being within Yellow Fever Infected Areas:-

1. Angola 2. Benin 3. Bolivia 4. Brazil 5. Burkina Faso 6. Burundi 7. Cameroon 8. Central African Republic 9. Chad

10. Colombia 11. Congo 12. Cote d’Ivoire 13. Ecuador 14. Equatorial Guinea 15. Ethiopia 16. French-Guyana 17. Gabon

18. Gambia 19. Ghana 20. Guinea 21. Guinea-Bissau 22. Guyana 23. Kenya 24. Liberia 25. Mali 26. Mauritania 27. Niger

28. Nigeria 29. Panama 30. Peru 31. Rwanda 32. Sao Tome & Principe 33. Senegal 34. Sierra Leone 35. Somalia

36. Sudan 37. Suriname 38. Tanzania 39. Togo 40. Uganda 41. Venezuela 42. Zaire


Whilst there is no risk of getting malaria in Thai cities and main resort areas, certain travellers to Thailand may wish to consider taking precautions against the risk of malaria. It exists throughout the year in rural areas, especially those that are forested and hilly, mainly towards the international borders. It is particularly prevalent near Cambodia and Myanmar

( Burma ).

Up to date information about health requirements and recommendations for Thailand can be found on the following web pages:-





Please note there is no reciprocal national health arrangement between Thailand and the United Kingdom You must ensure you are suitably insured for any illness, hospital treatment, etc which you may require while in Thailand