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Information About Retiring in Thailand

We advise applicants to visit the Thai Immigration Bureau at the earliest opportunity although you may be asked to return after having been in Thailand for 60 days

If your application is approved you will be issued with the non-immigrant category “O-A”  long stay visa by the relevant Thai Immigration Bureau

In the case of wishing to be accompanied by your spouse, the marriage certificate must be presented at the Thai Immigration Bureau. In this case your spouse will be granted a Non–Immigrant “O”, instead of “O-A”, and will be subject to the regulations applying to the “O” visa which includes having to exit Thailand every 90 days. If your spouse wishes to be granted retirement status they must meet all of the requirements as listed above (a to f) and must submit separate documents as listed on previous page  ( 1 to 5 ).

Documents will be processed and the actual length of stay ( usually one year ) will be determined and granted at the Thai Immigration Bureau. This process should be completed within three months of applying. Having been in the Kingdom up to a maximum of 90 days from issue of the “O-A” visa, applicants must report themselves to the Thai Immigration Bureau concerned and every 90 days there after. Alternatively they can report by post by completing Form TH-47 which can be obtained at the Thai Immigration Bureau.

After staying in the Kingdom for one year and wishing to extend the stay, this can also be done by submitting an application to the Thai Immigration Bureau and by showing documents to confirm your financial status meets the requirements ( 65k Baht monthly income or 800k Baht lump sum in Thai bank – subject to alteration without notice ). In the case of the spouse wishing to extend their stay on the “O” visa they must produce their Marriage Certificate.

Please note it is not possible to work in Thailand with the “O-A” visa

Please understand that the procedures outlined above are the official ones as issued by the Thailand Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bangkok. Not all of the documentary requirements as listed 1 to 5 above may be required by all Thai Immigration Bureaux but you are advised to take everything with you just in case. Please note on the Royal Thai Consulate web site a application form is included along with a medical certificate form.

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