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Saranrom Palace, Rachini Rd., Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200 Thailand

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The construction was completed in the reign of King Rama V. The palace was used to be resident for many king's brother while they were waiting for the completion of their own palace construction. Later, it was used to receive royal foreign visitors. Prince Oscar, the son of Swedish King in 1884 and he wrote about the beauty of its royal garden. King Rama V assigned Henry Alabaster, a botanical expert, to manage this royal garden. The beauty of this garden was generally praised that "it was so beautiful that the royal family members love to pay a visit often." It was decorated with a fountain, ornamental plants, orchids, trees and red roses, the King's favourite flower. There are also bird cages and crocodile pond. In 1934, the crown Prince ( King Rama VI ) used this royal garden for the royal guard training program and for the centre of tradition and culture as well as innovation in the name of Tawi PanyaSamoson ( Intellectual Club ). After his association to the throne, the royal garden became a venue for the annual winter fair

In the reign of King Rama VII after the change of politics, it park was used as Kanarassaranrom Club. Later, it became the Vachiravut Collage Alumni Association and Department of Public Welfare. It also was an afternoon market to sell the Alsatians. On 3 June 1960, the government assigned BMA to develop this place to be park for public use. The park begins its life in the early morning. People living in the area of Rattanakosin Island come to the park for exercises. In the morning and evening, many forms of exercises can be seen as a reflection of culture such as Taikek, Sword Dance, Club Dance and Ballroom Dancing. Outdoor activities are also promoted during the day for children such as the Natural Classroom for Art and Ecology. This reflects role and value of this park especially in the heart of the city towards its community. With its long history of over one century, this park can reflect characteristics of garden in Rattanakosin period. This can be seen from materials decorated in this park and it also has legend of great King's love and sadness for his Queen consort. All these promote this charming park according to the concept of the Art and Cultural Park. .