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Bangkok, Dusit District, getting to Dusit District and The districts.

King Rama V was the first Thai monarch to visit Europe. He was very impressed with what he had seen there, and came up with some drastic ideas to take Bangkok into the  20th century. Rattanakosin was a cramped district with many waterways, as opposed to Europe where broad avenues dominated cities like Paris and London. King Rama V decided that most of the original canals in Rattanakosin had to disappear in favour of roads for horse carriages.

However this was only the beginning; King Rama V started designing a completely new district from scratch that had to become the new royal city, a district with grandeur, wide avenues and a leafy, European feel. This change is creating problems on Rattanakosin Island as many people live in old huts and homes built many years ago and are in danger of being moved under all this change.

The best example of this modernization process is the Dusit Palace. It is a massive complex of royal residences and palaces in many different styles, some of them with a European feel. The Italian Renaissance-style Anantasamakhom Throne Hall dominates the stage, and right in front of it in the middle of a wide avenue stands the King Rama V Equestrian Statue, a large statue of the King himself that is beautifully adorned with garlands on Chulalongkorn Day (October 23). King Rama V is still popular among the Thai people and his modernization strategy is credited with having saved Siam from Western colonization.

A good day to catch the stately feel of the district is at December 2, when Dusit hosts the annual Trooping the Colour ceremony. Hundreds of officers of the Royal Guard demonstrate their allegiance to the King by parading around Suan Amporn, which is right next to King Rama V's statue.

The district is sub divided into 5 sub districts ( Khwaeng ).

1. Dusit   2. Wachiraphayaban 3. Suan Chit Lada   4. Si Yaek Maha Nak 5. Thanon Nakhon Chai Si

Getting to this area of Bangkok.

There are several public transportation to get in Dusit. The Chao Phraya Express Boat serves the district, but it is still  a hike towards the Dusit Palace from the pier. There are plenty of bus lines going through, but we all know what a hassle that is. If you're too lazy to cope with this all, you might just want to go by taxi, which is by far the easiest option. It's close to the library which may be helpful in getting taxi drivers to understand where you want to go.