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Issan Territory, video’s of Issan music, the market

Issan Territory Page 2, The Khorat Plain,

The traditional dress of Isan is the sarong. Women's sarongs often have an embroidered border at the hem, while men's are in a checked pattern. They are worn "straight", not hitched between the legs in Central Thai style. Men also wear a pakama—a versatile length of cloth which can be used as a belt, a money and document belt, as headwear for protection from the sun, as a hammock or as a bathing garment. Isan is the main centre for the production of Thai silk. The trade received a major boost in the post-war years, when Jim Thompson popularised Thai silk among westerners. One of the best-known types of Isan silk is mut-mee, which is tie-dyed to produce geometric patterns on the thread.

The Buddhist temple (or wat) is the major feature of most villages. These temples are used not only for religious ceremonies, but also for festivals, particularly mor lam, and as assembly halls.They are mostly built in the Lao style, with less ornamentation than in Central Thailand. Lao style Buddha images are also prevalent.( see picture below )

Isan houses are often built on stilts: the area underneath the house can be used as a living area, for storage or for keeping animals. The large jar or ohng  to the left of this house is used for storing water.

Issan Territory Page 4, The Village Funeral in Lam Kho Hong
Issan Territory Page 3, Video's of Issan music, and the market
Issan Territory Page 3, Video's of Issan music, and the market