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Kanchanaburi Province, Koapoon Cave Temple, Kanchanaburi.

Kanchanaburi Province, Page 7a,  Koapoon Cave Temple, Kanchanaburi. Kanchanaburi Province, Page 7c, pictures and video of  Koapoon Cave Temple, Kanchanaburi.

This temple is very old not much has been recorded about it but it is said that in 1870 King Rama V or King Churalongorn the Great visited here by waterway to worship here. Koapoon means limestone mountains. The stairs down to the caves are not too many but are steep. The main flight takes you down into the first one of nine chambers. This chamber holds a reclining Buddha image and this chamber is called the Phra Buddha Salyas room.  Room 2 is called Ja Ae room. It means to meet, because this room does not connect to the others. You will find a number of images and smaller Buddha’s in here. Moving onto room 3 called Mai Toa Rom meaning walking stick. It’s so called because the limestone Crystallized post in this room looks almost like a walking stick that is supporting the ceiling of the room. Room 4, Sai Yoi room, meaning weeping fig tree. The name derives from the roots of a weeping fig tree that penetrate the ceiling of this room. Room 5 Jor Ra Kha room, which has the name of crocodile room. A rock in the shape of a crocodile was found in this room in a basin shaped piece of rock, but this was stolen during the passage of time.

Room 6, Por Poo Rui See room. The ascetic room. Room 7 Thape Ni Mitra room or God vision room, there is an image of a Buddha placed here. Room 8 Kaew room or crystal room on the way from the last room you will see plenty of wonderful Crystallized limestone which makes this a famous landmark. Room 9 Thape Prasittisopol room, in this room you will find more crystallized limestone with a shape of an Elephant’s head with a long trunk. During the war the Japanese used this part, at the rear near the river, as a nursing camp called Koapoon hospital. More information can be seen about this in the  Jeath Museum at Chanasongkram, Muang Kanchanaburi.

The day I visited this Temple was very hot and sunny and you would think the depths of the cave would be cool. It was not, it was hot , humid and no air movement. Many of the places you almost had to crawl as the ceiling was so low. I really did not imagine me going any father than halfway  after having had open heart surgery only a few months before. On appearing at the entrance again, the man who drove the bus asked me why I had not gone all the way round and come out at the other opening and that I was the first one he had seen who had not done that !!!!