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Wat Pa Lak Roi Temple, Nonthai District, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

Nakhon Ratchasima Province,Page 25, Wat Pa Lak Roi Temple, Nonthai District, Korat, Thailand.

My visit to Korat in June , 2014, brought back many memory’s for me. It was some 6 years before I visited this province before. One stop I made was at Wat Pa Lak Roi in Nonthai, about 25 kilometres outside Korat. It is not an easy temple to find, lucky I had a friend who drove me there. On arriving at this temple you may imagine you are entering a fun park with all the statues / models about the place. It may seem very strange to see because they are very graphic and some may say not suitable for children. You wonder why a temple would depict scenes like this until you evaluate the depiction.

This is my view only as I saw it. Picture the Temple raised above all  these grounds, this depicts heaven and all below depicted hell and all the bad things associated with hell. You can see the same pictures in books whenever hell is shown, pain , suffering, torture. Its always the same. The statues here are graphic showing genitalia and scenes of a disturbing nature. But remember, Buddhist monks placed these here to show the bad and good of society. They are shown in a funny way by extending the models arms and legs to be  taken as a symbolic way and not meant to hurt or harm the viewer. I found them amusing, even when you found some with coin slots you could feed 5 or 10 Baht into to here the moans / groans / wailing /  of the tortured souls.

You could spend all day at this temple it is a very large site covering 77,000 sq. metres.. It is said it depicts the Laotian invasion of 1826 when the Korat women’s defence fought under Thao Suranaree, her statue can be seen in the centre of Korat. There are various stalls around this temple you can buy food and drink at. Along with the usual items associated with Thailand. Not many people were there on the day I visited so it was a welcome change to wander about without the usual crowds standing in front of items you want to photograph. There are plenty of parking spaces available  due to the size of the grounds.

One thing I did find amusing and refreshing, was how friendly the monks were at this temple. Inviting people to check all parts of the temple and laughing and joking with me when I entered a solemn part of the temple. It made the day more interesting.