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Khao Chee Jan, ( also spelt ~ Khao Chee Chan, Khao Chi Chan ) the Laser etched Buddha, Chonburi, Thailand

On arrival you will see some shops  and cafes selling the usual food and items of interest. The hygiene is not what you would expect from a normal cafe or restaurant so do take care eating here, elephant trekking is also available here. There is no entrance fee but many Thais visit this sacred figure to offer prayers, so please respect this when you approach the temple building area.

The mountain was evolved through the construction of the Military Air base at U-Tapao, used during the Vietnam war. Mining went on at this site to obtain the required building material for the airport. This airport is still in use today and became a useful alternative to leaving Thailand to all the passengers that were stranded when the Yellow Shirt civil riots of 2008 closed Suvarnabhumi airport. They used Bitec at Bang Na to process the baggage then ran the passengers down to U-Tapao airbase  to catch any aircraft for getting out of Thailand after many days of being stranded.

Near to this Mountain is Wat Yansangwararam, a beautiful temple set in landscaped gardens. The Chinese Temple Viharna Sein can be seen from here and vice versa along with Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens a must see venue. So all in all this area  provides more than a good day out for any visitor to Thailand and in particular Chonburi province.

To get there head south from Pattaya along the Sukhumvit Road in the direction of Sattahip. About three miles after passing the huge Ambassador Hotel on the right, there is a left turn sign marked Khao Chee Jan. This road leads to the Chinese Viharna Sein and Buddha mountain. The mountain can also be reached by turning left off the Sukhumvit Road at Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens.