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Wat Sala Loi Temple,  Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Page 30, pictures of  Wat Sala Loi Temple situated in the North East part of the old town.

Wat Sala Loi Temple situated in the North East part of the old town. It was built by Thao Suranari and her husband in 1827. It received the Siam Architects society award for the best Avant Garde religious building in 1973 ( Avant Garde meaning favouring or introducing experimental or unusual ideas, it originates from the french language ). The highlight of this temple is the meeting hall which is built in the style of a Thai boat riding the waves.

The hall is decorated with local Dan Kwian clay tiles and depicts the life of Buddha along the walls. The huge door is made from metal. Inside the hall is a large Buddha statue. In front of the door is a sculpture of Thao Suranari sitting praying in the middle of a pond, besides the building is a small pagoda that contains the ashes of her. The temple can be found about 500 metres from the Rop Mueang road.

So much was going on the day I attended here. Stalls were selling all kinds of things for anyone that wanted to offer prayers. Some stalls were selling food. The car park here was so full it was not easy finding a parking space. One thing that surprised me was, as I was taking videos and photos of all around the grounds a policeman stood to attention and saluted me and smiled. I thought it was a really nice gesture in this friendly city.

In the grounds is a large pond with a bridge over it many people used this vantage point to get the really nice pictures of this beautiful Temple. Near to this pond a very large gong prompted people to ring it when passing. It surely is an unusual and beautifully designed Temple, not big by many temples but non the less worth a visit.