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Viharn Sien / Viharnra Sien / Anek Kusala Sala Temple, Chonburi, Thailand.

After visiting the Silverlake Vineyard on the 24th June 2014, my friend who drove the taxi, took me all round the back roads to this next venue. When it came into view it was a pleasant surprise because from here you could see the mountain that contained the Khao Chee Jan, Laser engraved Buddha next to the Silverlake Vineyard.

It was a wonderful view from this Temple. Also you could see the very tall spire of Wat Yansangwararam, this temple is set in beautiful landscaped gardens and worth a visit at the same time as this Chinese one.

The Viharn Sien is a beautiful and unique Chinese Temple a little off the beaten track but most taxi drivers will know it. It is more of a museum now, being home to many unique and priceless Chinese statues and Buddha figures. It is believed to be one of a kind outside China. I can fully endorse that by the sheer numbers housed here. I don’t think I have ever seen so many bronze figures poised in many different styles of Kung Fu fighting also called  Shaolin Wushu, a trait of Shaolin priests and warriors.

When you get to this Temple, the car park has only one section covered over to protect your car from the fierce heat around Chonburi. It’s not very large and so this gets filled up first. There are some stalls there selling cold water and other drinks. I headed straight for the main entrance, which was a mistake.

The payment booth is across the road where the entrance fee is paid, which was 50 Baht per person, the charge applied to Thai people also at this Temple. Then back across the road to gain entry. The staff on the gate were much more friendly than the staff in the ticket booth. You could actually have a laugh with them at the main gate entrance.

Inside the garden area, is the usual place for Buddhist to offer prayers and flowers or other gifts. There are several statues around this part of the Temple grounds and most of it is laid out as raised gardens.