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If you start again at the shops and follow the path round, many more strange shaped rocks will be on display in the raised gardens and the displays of tropical plants here also. On the other side of the waterfall which you looked down on before is a large pond with large flat rocks set in before the low wall of the pond. I was sat there last visit changing my batteries in my video cam, when I saw a coach load of visitors, mainly Thai ladies approaching the seats that you could sit on to have photos taken.
It was about 30 minutes later that I managed to escape, I say escape because all the Thai ladies wanted their photograph taken with me  some of them wanted two women and myself in the middle. I really don’t know who they thought I was. But it was a beautiful day out  for me! Nothing bad happened just photographs, sat together the ladies, me and the beautiful gardens as a backdrop.
When they had gone and it was safe to venture on I continued my walk past even more of the million year old rocks in a large garden on the left hand side. This is near to the cafe areas where they sell ice Cream, ices, and other snack foods along with other barbeque foods that smelt great cooking on the small grills on their stalls. Further on and opposite the rock garden there is another small pond with a bridge over it and a small boat floating besides the bridge.
At this point you can see the large building which houses the Crocodile Shows, there are two main entrances, each at the far side of the building. The seats inside are arranged in a U shaped so that large crowds can see the show. As well as being U shaped the rows of seats rise up to give people the chance to get a better view the higher you rise. These shows are much the same as all Crocodile Shows and in the format that they base the show on. The entrance to the crocodile show is included in with the entrance fee.
Leaving this show if you turn left it takes you to the elephants, tethered up on a large concrete stand with large umbrellas to protect them from the blazing heat and sun. Next to this is the building that puts on the elephant shows. Near to this is the raised giraffes enclosure, climbed via the stairs, you can access the top of the ramp where you can buy food from a stall to feed to the giraffes. It’s weird being face to face with these beautiful animals, but you can see the height of them after walking to the top of the enclosure. You don’t have to feed them you can just stroke them or admire them for the beauty they hold.
Pattaya, Page 14a, The Million Year Stone Park and Pattaya Crocodile Farm and Zoo, Pattaya. Pattaya, Page 14c, The Million Year Stone Park and Pattaya Crocodile Farm and Zoo, Pattaya.

The Million Year Stone Park and  Pattaya Crocodile Farm and Zoo, Pattaya, Chon Buri Province.