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Sri Racha Tiger Zoo, Chonburi, Thailand

Sri Racha Tiger Zoo, Page 69b, Chon Buri Province, Chonburi, Thailand

This Zoo is one I missed when I visited Sri Racha in May 2010. So on the 28th June 2014, I finally got there. I went by Taxi, my friend Sutin driving me from Bowin. The car park was full of coach tours, other private cars and even more taxis. This Zoo can also be reached from highway number 7 the Bangkok to Pattaya Motorway, follow the signs for about 2 kilometres. It was opened in 1997 and since then over 10 million visitors have enjoyed their time there. Travelling from Pattaya,  it's about a 30 minute journey by car. If you don’t have  a car then you can book a day trip to this Sri Racha Tiger Zoo through the many travel agents around Pattaya. Many hotels have a travel agent sited in the reception lobby of the hotel.

If you are travelling from Bangkok  you can use public transport from Ekkamai Bus Terminal or Mo Chit Bus Terminal, take the Bangkok  to Sri Racha route or Bangkok – Pattaya route. Alight at Sri Racha city ( opposite Robinson Department Store ). Then walk towards the traffic light and turn left at the junction, take a blue mini bus  service ( Sri Racha – Nong Khor route ) to the zoo. Or you can get your own taxi or use the travel agents that can be found all over Bangkok, and again in the hotels. The opening times for the Zoo are 08.00 am to 06.00 pm, last ticket sales are at 05.30 pm, but this is pointless buying a ticket so late. The Zoo is so large and by then all the shows finished it would be a waste to ruin your trip. Ticket prices are 450 Baht for adults and 250 Baht for small children.

While the Zoo is called Tiger Zoo don’t let that confuse you, many other animals are available here. Crocodiles, Camels, Piglets for Pig racing ! You can find Elephants and Deer here also. Many restaurants are scattered about here to satisfy most tastes. Thai, Chinese, Korean, Western,and Indian dishes are on the menu also. There are many shows, but not much time between each one, so once a show has finished you find everyone rushing for the exits to get to the next show. The times for the shows are:~

Crocodile Show 09.30 / 10.30 / 13.00 / 14.00 / 15.00 / 16.00 / 17.00.

Tiger Show  11.00 / 13.30 / 15.30.

Elephant Show 11.40 / 14.30 / 16.30.

Pig Show    Every 30 minutes.