Sri Racha Tiger Zoo, Page 69c, Chon Buri Province,Chonburi, Thailand
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Sri Racha Tiger Zoo, Chonburi, Thailand

Sri Racha Tiger Zoo, Page 69d, Chon Buri Province, Chonburi, Thailand

I watched the show and the arena was full of tourists from all over the world and once again a vast arena area with so much more height from floor to top of the show. The tricks they performed especially jumping through the loops of fire were amazing. All of them seemed to be in excellent health and condition. When this show had finished you could go down to the arena ( caged I might add ) and get up close to the Tigers. Then everyone rushed for the exits onto the next show.

The Elephant show was next, and again a rush to get there. In the heat and sun of the midday this is no fun carrying camera equipment. This next show arena was not so much tall as long. I guess with an animal the size of an Elephant more room is needed for them to manoeuvre. They invited people to join in the show while the Elephants were performing and one poor man was blindfolded and they pretended that the Elephants were throwing Darts at balloons placed around the mans body!

Some of them in delicate places. I don’t think he would have slept much that night. I must say he took it all in good faith and went along with all the games. They pretended when the Elephant threw the dart, which it did not, the man at the side of the tourist, burst the balloons. The poor man must have been a bit worried although he never showed it. The show was enjoyed by all and the Elephants performed many tricks that really kept the crowd spellbound. When the show had finished again you were invited to go to meet the Elephants at ground level with their keepers.

Around the Zoo are many things to keep people happy, amused and  occupied. Pig racing is another activity that goes on here which seems strange but amusing. Also you can see some of the female Tigers actually feeding piglets with the milk from the tiger. How they train wild animals to do this is beyond me. I watched some of the Tigers in some of the cages picking on one female Tiger which was obviously on heat. All I can say is, I would not like to be in the cage or in the wild and meet one of these animals. The power and strength of them is unbelievable that poor female Tiger was so distressed they had to get the keepers in when one dominant male Tiger set about the other males, after being ignored by this female.