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According to a historian, the shrine was built after the establishment of Rattanakosin Kingdom  ( Bangkok ) instead of the old capital, Thonburi Kingdom in the reign of King Rama I of the Chakri Dynasty at 6.45 a.m. on Sunday, 21th April in 1782. There is  plenty to see at this shrine besides the usual building. They have landscaped gardens, a  stage where acts demonstrate about Thai culture and life. They have food booths for snack food. You can see more photos on this Shrine click on the link below to take you within this site.

Bangkok City Pillar Shrine, Phra Nakhon.

Democracy Monument.

When you discover this Monument for the first time it really does look imposing, stood in the centre of a very busy Bangkok road - Ratchadamnoen Klang Road at the intersection with Dinso Road. Democracy Monument completely occupies a huge roundabout on this major thoroughfare. Its distinguishing features are the four wings, which are located at four equally spaced points around a smaller central shrine. The wings are decorated with artworks of war and war related events representing the four branches of the Thai armed forces.  It is quite impressive when seen from a distance, but maybe not worth the hazard involved in running across five lanes of Bangkok traffic for a closer look.

The monument is about halfway between Sanam Luang, the former royal cremation ground in front of Wat Phra Kaew, and the temple of the Golden Mount ( Wat Saket ). The monument was commissioned in 1939 to commemorate the 1932 Siamese coup d'état which led to the establishment of a constitutional monarchy in what was then the Kingdom of Siam, by its military ruler, Field Marshal Plaek Pibulsonggram Phibun. He envisaged the monument as the centrepiece of a new, westernised Bangkok.

The monument was designed by Mew Aphaiwong, an architect whose brother Khuang Aphaiwong was a leading member of Phibun's regime. The Italian sculptor Corrado Feroci, who became a Thai citizen and used the Thai name Silpa Bhirasi  executed the relief sculptures around the base of the monument.

Bangkok, Phra Nakhon District. City Pillar Shrine, ( also known as San Lak Muang )

Bangkok, Page 86, City Pillar Shrine, ( also known as San Lak Muang ) Lak Muang Rd ( Tha Chang Pier ). Bangkok,Thailand.