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Khao San Road or Khao Sarn Road, Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok, Thailand.

Khao San Road or Khao Sarn Road is a short street in central Bangkok, Thailand. It is located in the Banglamphu area of Phra Nakhon district about 1 km north of the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew. I first visited here in 2004, I did not like it. I went at night time, and felt uneasy all the time I was there , just walking and looking at shops, I only tried one bar,  but that was full of drunks, you had to watch your back all the time. I went back during the daytime to take photos in 2011, it is better in the daytime. However its still a place I feel uneasy about. I don’t feel like that anywhere else  in Bangkok.

Khaosan translates as milled rice, a nostalgic reminder that in former times the street used to be a  major Bangkok rice market. In the last 20 years, however, Khao San Road has developed into a world famous backpacker ghetto. It offers cheap accommodation, ranging from mattress on the floor style hotels, to reasonably priced 3 star hotels.  It is  a base of travel: coaches leave daily for all major tourist destinations in Thailand, ranging from Chiang Mai in the North to Koh Pha Ngan in the South, and there are many relatively inexpensive travel agents who can arrange visas and transportation to the neighbouring countries of Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia, as well as Vietnam.

Khaosan road shops, sell handcrafts, paintings, clothes, local fruits, pirated CDs, DVDs and second-hand books, plus many useful items for the backpacker. During the late evening, the streets turn into bars and music is played, stalls sell barbecued insects which serve as an exotic though somewhat shocking snack for tourists and there are also local people advertising  ping pong shows. Not something you would want to take your good lady to!

The area is internationally known as a centre of dancing, partying, and just before the traditional Thai New Year ( Songkran festival ) of 13 April to 15 April, water splashing that usually turn into huge water fights. A Buddhist temple under royal patronage, the centuries old Wat Chana Songkram, is directly opposite Khao San Road to the west, while the area to the northwest contains an Islamic community and several small mosques.