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Khao San Road or Khao Sarn Road, Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok, Thailand.

The first business to open on Khao San Road was a small hotel catering for civil servants from the provinces who came to Bangkok on business. The hotel was followed by Sor Thambhakdi, a shop selling monks accessories. Four similar businesses moved in after, and Khao San became known as a religious road.

Word soon spread about the easy lifestyle and friendliness of the locals. Friends told friends, and before long, the owner of the house started to charge 20 Baht for food and lodging. The first commercial guest house, called Bonny, opened in 1982 with six small bedrooms.

Today, there is a lot more  on offer. In just a couple of blocks, there are bars, food stalls, restaurants, convenience stores, pharmacies, Internet cafes, money changing booths, ATM's, shoe stores, massage parlours, tailors, travel agencies, laundry, boxing gyms, optometrists, and many rooms for the night.Traders have now extended onto the pavements,especially around Soi Rambuttri, which features a few  bars and restaurants.

Phra Athit Road, with its colonial style mansions and riverside hotels; and Sam Sen Road, a quiet neighbourhood with cosy guest houses and vegetarian restaurants. It is indeed a tourist destination, although it is also a little unsafe at night and instances of mugging and pick pocketing do occur.

Bangkok Tourist Information Office, at 17/1 Phra Athit Rd ( under the Phra Pin Klao Bridge ), It's a good idea to stop by the tourist office for some maps of the city. You can also get hotel and dining addresses here or ask any other questions you may have. Khao San Road is easy to get to from anywhere in Bangkok. Express boats, buses and taxis are your main options.