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Romaneenart Park also known as Old Prison park is a favourite with and built to honour HRH Queen Sirikit  in 1992  it was given the name Romaneenart. Located at the Bangkok Remand Prison road, Maha Chai rd, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok Samran Rat.  Close to the Giant Swing and Wat Suthat, Romaneenart Park is the only non ceremonial park in the Old City area. Opened in 1993, the park retains one wall and some of the old guard towers as part of its architectural heritage, besides neo-classical buildings in the style of the King Rama V period.

Many fountains help keep the park cool in the middle of the big city. Romaneenart Park is on Siriphong road, which runs from Wat Suthat down to Pahurat textile market in Bangkok’s Little India section, next to Chinatown. You can get to the park by express boat from the Memorial Bridge pier, then walking up Chakraphet road.

Romaneenart Park was constructed on the site of an old city prison that was built over a century ago. This charming little park also features large open lawns, fountains, a pond with a bronze conch sculpture that houses sacred scriptures, and an outdoor gym. Romaneenart Park is a tranquil retreat from the chaos of its immediate neighbourhood, which includes Pahurat or Bangkok’s Little India.

Santi Chai Prakan Pavilion and Public Park The Park is on Phra Athit Road on the bank of the Chao Phraya River. It was constructed next to  Phra Sumen Fort with the co-operation of  the Royal Thai Government and the general public to mark the auspicious occasion of the  birthday anniversary of His Majesty the King on 5 December, 1999. The spacious area provides a relaxing atmosphere as well as a scenic view of the Chao Phraya River and the Rama VIII Bridge. It is popular among both Thais and foreigners, especially from the nearby Bang Lamphu community.  The park is also a centre for Bangkok's street entertainers where a variety of performing acts along with Beat boys and busker’s start up at  sun set. Opening Hours: 5 9 p.m. Daily.

Saranrom Palace and Park.

I had seen this Palace a number of times but I could never find out what it’s name was or much about it. October 2013 all that changed. I set out to find as much as I could about this beautiful  building the same time as visiting the City Shrine. No signs could be seen outside to give it a name. However a friend of mine found out all about it from people in the office were they worked. It is not a palace you can gain entry to, but the outside of it, is   really imposing  to photograph, video or just to see.