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Sukhumvit road, Soi 4, Nana, Khlong Toei District, Scams going on here now. Stumble Inn Bar

There is a very unpleasant scam going on in Bangkok right now. Caused by lack of visitors and therefore lack of money. One bar in particular is running this. Stumble Inn in Soi 4, Nana. I went in for one drink one night while there, last. Instantly three girls were at my table begging drinks at 15 Baht a shot. One girl in particular dint give up, she kept talking about anything. Saying it was only her third night there. This is a usual ploy to make out they are not hardened bar girls. One girl in another bar , it was her first night, yet she knew all the lines , cons , words to say, call it what you will. Just be careful of this excuse. It could well be their first night there, but they could have spent years working in other bars. Back to Stumble Inn. I started a conversation with this girl there she was pleasant enough to talk to.

Then seeing I had bought her a drink ( the girls make 50 Baht on each drink usually ) the other three girls were back wanting a drink. Its very unpleasant seeing three girls begging for drinks, over a period of about 40 minutes I was in the bar the, the girl who had sat down wanted me to pay her bar fine. This normally happens when you pay anything between 500 and 700 Baht to allow you to take the girl out of the bar to feed her, give her drinks, give her a night off, anything else you have to negotiate. She was pleasant enough and I enjoyed talking her to her so I thought, better to dine with her than dine alone. I paid her bar fine 700 Baht and paid my bill which came in total to the then extortionate 1550 Baht including the bar fine. That was only for one beer for me!

Expecting the girl to go and change, a rather overweight manageress came across to me. Called Angie and also  Patti, I guess she used two names because of the scam she was running. She said I had paid the bar fine for one of her girls and she wanted 3000 Baht before she could let her go! Never have I known this in all the years I have been travelling to Thailand. The normal practice is you pay the bar fine and you leave with the girl. Whatever else happens after that is between you and the girl. I told the manageress I only wanted someone to go to dine with me, she did not relent on demanding 3000 Baht more. I declined and left the bar. They wont return the bar fine if you don’t pay the extra. Let this be a warning to anyone on their first visit to Bangkok.

Many other bars don’t run this scam. But check first, it seems to be a sign of the times now. A similar incident happened in Soi Cowboy in Cowboy 2, I asked how much the bar fine  was now, one girl said 3000 Baht. At least they are honest enough to inform you before you pay any  other bar fine on top of that. This last trip for me was ruined by the need to get money now in  Bangkok. The exchange rate is terrible now in Thailand, the worst I have ever known it, and all the scams that are running spoils it. There are still good Thai people in Thailand you just have to be very straight with what you want now and arrange a fixed fee before you doing anything.