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Samut Prakan Province. About the Province.

The province is sub divided into six districts ( Amphoe ). The districts are further subdivided into 50 sub districts ( Tambon ) and 396 villages ( Muban ). There is one city ( Thesaban Nakhon ), three towns ( Thesaban Mueang ) and 13 sub district municipalities ( Thesaban Tambon ). For the national elections the province is divided into three voting districts, one represented by three assemblyman and the other two each by two assemblymen.

1) Mueang Samut Prakan 2)  Bang Bo 3)  Bang Phli 4)  Phra Pradaeng 5)  Phra Samut Chedi 6)  Bang Sao Thong.

Samut Prakan Province is situated only twenty-five kilometres from Bangkok, just north of the Gulf of Thailand. The old section of the district is still called Pak Nam, which means river mouth. Samut Prakan Province covers 1,004 square kilometres of seasonally flooded plains, crisscrossed by canals. Samut Prakan is not a popular tourist destination in itself and therefore there are few guesthouses or hotels; however, because of its proximity to Bangkok many visitors make day trips from the capital to see the attractions in Samut Prakan, including the Ancient City, the Erawan Museum, and the Crocodile Farm. As Samut Prakan has many expatriate foreigners, English is commonly spoken and there are shops and restaurants that cater to foreign residents and visitors.

Getting to Samut Prakan by car,

you can use the old Sukhumvit Road and Highway Number 303 to get there. The distance is only 29 kilometres to Samut Prakan town.

Distances from Amphoe Muang Samut Prakan to other Amphoe's and King Amphoe :

Phra Pradaeng 12 km.  Bang Phli 17 km.  Bang Bo 38 km.  Phra Samut Chedi 21 km.  Amphoe Bang Sao Thong 32 km

By Sky Train. The new station at Bearing as enabled residents and visitors alike to get to Samut Prakan easily now. Bearing Sky Train station is just down the road from Samrong. However already extensions are well under way to open this further to Samut Prakan and to the Ancient City. You can start your journey at any station along the Sukhumvit line.