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Parks around Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok, Thailand.

Sanam Luang Park cont:-

Pavilions and towers were built near the king's seat when he watched the ploughing ceremony. Next to the king's pavilion there was a stage where plays were performed as part of the ritual of propitiating the gods. Outside the wall there was a barn where the rice would be stored.

King Rama V enlarged Sanam Luang and pulled down all the buildings which were used for the ceremonies of former kings and it was no longer necessary to grow rice near the Royal Palace. The space was needed for the preparation of the Centennial Celebration of Bangkok in 1897 which took place soon after King Rama V's return from Europe. It was a grand celebration also corresponding with the king's fiftieth birthday. Sanam Luang was still the place for kite flying. King Rama VI again used the place in the same manner as former kings to perform various ceremonies. Also, it was used as a race-track, and golf-course since more foreigners came to visit and stay in the country. The Fine Arts Department has listed Sanam Luang as a historic site in 1977, announced on 13 December 1977, according to the Royal Decree (book 94 part 126). The area of Sanam Luang is about 30 acres

On the left showing the wide walkways around Sanam Luang park, you never see much rubbish around here, they are kept very clean so that people can enjoy the very large park here. The traffic outside this park is horrendous and the road is not easy to cross. It forms a large round-about in this busy part of Bangkok. With the grand Place at one end and the Bangkok National Museum to one side of the top end.

On the right is the busy intersection at Phan Pl Pop Junction, with the elephant statue on the top. To the left along this road is the Bangkok National Museum situated in Na Phra That Alley. The road to the right of the statue is Ratchadamnoen Nai road.