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Parks around Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok, Thailand.

Saranrom Park, Saranrom Rd ( near the Chao Phraya Tha Tien Pier and the Grand Palace ). This park was originally a royal garden part of the Saranrom Palace, built in 1866 by King Rama IV. He wanted to use it after he stepped down as a monarch, but died before it was completed. When King Rama V took over, he gave the palace to his younger brothers, and turned the park into a zoo. When he built the Dusit Palace in the early 20th century, he moved all the animals to the Dusit Zoo opposite the palace. The park then became a property of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, before being turned into a public park in 1960. The basic layout still resembles its original design by King Rama IV. It is a lush garden created around a lake, home to glass houses, ancient trees and wooden pagodas.  After work, many locals use the park for  running & aerobics. At the south end of the park is a marble monument dedicated to HM Queen Sunantha Kumareerat and HRH Prince Kannaporn Phetcharat.

Picture top left above, looking towards the Grand Palace in the distance. Top right above is the Bangkok National Museum.

Above right is the Elephant statue at the busy Rachini Alley Junction and Ratchadamnoen Nai road.