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Kanchanaburi Province, The trip on the train to Tham Krasae Station and the Wang Po Viaduct.

My taxi driver named Sutin and I drove to Kanchanaburi Station to catch the morning train to Nam Tok. He departed on the long journey by road. While I took my seat on the train. Many people on their first visit to Thailand don’t realize that each ticket has your own individual seat number, I had already made sure I had got a seat that would over look the Wang Po Viaduct on the left of the train going.

The train finally arrived from Bangkok and unhooked it’s carriages went forward to enable it to  reverse to collect all our carriages in the sidings of Kanchanaburi station ( seen on the right ) then pulled back out onto the main line. This next part caught many people out, it then reversed and hooked up with the carriages it had just brought for Bangkok. It was the joining of the two that surprised everyone. It was not gentle but an almighty thud as the two met each other. All the carriages were then hooked up and the train set off for the River Kwae Bridge and to the final destination of Nam Tok.

As I guessed at the River Kwae Bridge station there were many tourists ready and waiting to board the train. They paid no attention to seating numbers, they just boarded and took any seats that would give them a good viewpoint of the viaduct. So be warned about this free - for - all, especially on a weekend when special tourist trains with observation coaches and Air Conditioned coaches are used. The journey to Wang Pho Viaduct was longer than I expected.

Almost two hours and then the train slowed down to nearly a crawl, it had finally reached the Viaduct. The view over the river at this point is beautiful but the viaduct was not as long as I thought it would have been. I guess to the men that built it and in  those conditions it probably felt too long. From the train you cannot apprehend the construction of the bridge or viaduct, clinging to the mountainous walls as it does. I feel the best bet to take all this area in, is to drive to Tham Krasae station by taxi / car  or coach, before any arrival of any train ( so that you can photograph as it travels over this section ).