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Useful information page 6, the Do’s and Don’ts and social customs

Social Customs cont:

- Thai’s do not normally shake hands when they greet each other but instead press the palms together in a prayer-like gesture called a wai. Generally, a younger person wai's an older, who returns it.

- It's considered rude to point your foot at a person, so try to avoid doing so when sitting opposite anyone and following the concept that the foot is a low limb, do not point your foot to show anything to anyone, but use your finger instead.

- Thais regard the heads as the highest part of the body. As a result they do not approve of patting anyone there, even in a friendly gesture.

- Public displays of affection among men and women are frowned on.

- Do not be surprised if you are addressed by your first name as for instance, Mr. Bob or Miss Mary - instead of by your surname. This is because Thais refer to each other in this manner, usually with the title "Khun" (Mr., Mrs. or Miss) in front.

Advice to Visitors:

1. Visitors are advised to use the Authorized Transportation Service for transfer from airport to town and other areas. Taxis are available and an air-conditioned bus service costing 70 Baht per person has been recently introduced.

2. Those who need help on accommodations, consult the Thai Hotel Association counter located next to the Transportation Service counter.

3. Beware of unauthorized persons who offer to take you around. Contact any reliable travel agents for a guide or Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) counters for all tourist information.

4. Visitors are advised to use hotel taxi service at their hotel if they do not know their way around or cannot speak local language.

5. Observe all normal precautions as regard to personal safety, as well as the safety of your belongings. Walking alone on quiet streets or deserted areas is not recommended. Be sure that all your valuables - money, jewelry, airline tickets - are properly protected from loss.

6. Travel information is obtainable at Tourism Authority of Thailand counters located within the incoming passenger lounge Tel: 523 8973-3 and at the Main Office, 327 Bamrung Muang Rd. Tel. 226 0060 during working hours.

7. Visitors needing assistance relating to safety, security, unethical practices or other matters, please call Tourist Assistance Centre immediately at these telephone number: 281 5051, 282 8129 or contact Tourist Police Tel: 652 1721-6 or 1699.

8. Penalties for drug offences are very severe in Thailand.

Useful Information, Social Customs and advice for Visitors

Useful information page 8, Shopping Advice in Thailand