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Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, its mission and Goals

History of Lumpinee Boxing Stadium  

Lumpinee boxing stadium was established on the eighth of December, 1956. It ‘s one of Thailand ‘s seven standard boxing stadiums. It’s famous not only for creating and producing leading Thai boxers but also promoting the arts of Thai boxing both domestically and internationally. Lumpinee Boxing stadium also produces many western boxers to become world Championship holders. For domestic activities, it encourages to produce career to the boxers, the promoters including presents entertainment to all who are interesting in this particular sports.

Mission or Goal

1. Lumpinee boxing stadium is the Royal Thai Army affairs to give services to the Royal Thai Army officials and support various departments of the Royal Thai Army.

2. Protect and promote the arts of Thai boxing to be the individual arts of the Thai people as U-DO of Japan and TAE KWAN DO of the Republic of South Korea.

3. Upgrade career  for Thai and western boxers to be a permanent and firm one.

4. Create the champion of the western boxers to promote the renown of the Thai nation.

5. Co-operate with various Institutions which aim to the same goal.

The Establishment

General Prapas Jarusatien

Responsible Agencies

1. The First Royal Guard Infantry Division from Dec, 1957 June, 1979

2. Army Welfare Department from Jul, 1979 present.

Lumpinee Boxing Stadium Page 1, its mission and Goals
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Lumpinee Boxing Stadium Page 1, its mission and Goals