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Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, Rules 6.10 to 11.5

Lumpinee Boxing Stadium Page 5, Rules and Regulations


6.10 Junior welterweight. Weight not exceeding 140 lbs. (63.506 kg.)

6.11 Welterweight . Weight not exceeding 147 lbs. (66.681 kg.)

6.12 Junior Middleweight weight not exceeding 156 lbs. (70.764 kg.)

6.13 Middleweight weight not exceeding 160 lbs. (72.578 kg.)

6.14 Junior Heavyweight weight not exceeding 175 lbs. (72.578 kg.)

6.15 Heavyweight weight exceeding 175 lbs. (79.383 kg.) upwards.


7.1 Weighing of the contestants is from 08.00 A.M. to 12.00 A.M. on the matching day. When the contestants over weight, re weight is allowed, within the limit time not exceeding 12.00 A.M. If still over weight, it is stopped, in this weighing, the contestants weigh nakedly.

7.2 Before weighing, the contestants must be certified and body check from appointed Diploma doctor that they are fully healthy to perform the fight.

7.3 The weight must not below 100 lbs., age not less than 15 years and the weight must not differ more than 5 lbs.


8.1 The fight normally not exceeding 5 rounds, a round is 3 minutes, interval during the rounds is 2 minutes, and the fight must not  be less than 3 rounds.

8.2 In case of accident causing the fight cannot perform again, if is it necessary to get the result, the fight must be more than 3 rounds, and the result of the fight can be decided by points.


Each contestant has the fight to have 2 boxer seconds and must be under the following rules:

9.1 The boxer seconds will not advise, help or support their contestant during the round in the fight.



Cont: :

9.2 The boxer seconds will not give up the fight for the contestant by throwing sponge or towel into the ring, except there is special agreement.

9.3 During the fight is going on, both the boxer seconds and their assistant will not standing at the edge of the ring. Before starting each round, the boxer seconds must take towel, bucket etc. out from the edge of the ring.

9.4 The boxer seconds of both corners must dress politely.

9.5 If it is a Championship fight, 3 boxer seconds are allowed.

9.6 If the boxer seconds or assistant violate the above rules, the may be blamed, and may be decided not tot be the boxer seconds of that fight. For the contestant, the referee may warm or blame or decide to be defeated.


There are 4 members, 1 Referee and 3 Judges. The above mentioned member must be well learned and studied, and have experience in doing their duties.


11.1 The Referee has the duty to control the fight in the ring according to the rules with justice during the fight.

11.2 Has the full power in decision solely, nobody can object it.

11.3 Advises the contestant or boxer seconds who do not perform according to the rules.

11.4 The Referee must not give points.

11.5 Collects & checks total of points in points recording cards of the 3 judges after the fight ends, and decide according to the most points & give the points recording cards to the chief of decision.



Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, Rules 11.6 to 14.5