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Songkhla, How to get there

How to get there

By Air

Thai Airways International has several daily flights connecting Bangkok and Phuket with Hat Yai. For more information, contact their Bangkok office at Tel. 1566, 0 2280 0060, 0 2628 2000, their Hat Yai office at Tel. 0 7424 5851-2

Air Asia operates several daily flights on route Bangkok Hat Yai. The flight time is 1.20 hours. Visit www.airasia.com to reserve your seat online, or call 02 5159999

Orient Thai provides three daily flights connecting Bangkok and Hat Yai. The flight time is 1.25 hours. Call 1126 to make reservations or visit www.onetwo-go.com  to make online reservations.

Nok Air operates three daily flights between Bangkok and Hat Yai. The flight time is 1.30 hours. Call 1318 for reservations or visit www.nokair.com to purchase an e-ticket.

Phuket Air offers a daily flight connecting Hat Yai and Phuket. The flight time is 1.25 hours. Call 02 679 8999

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I used to have an apartment in Songkhla town. I have travelled by train from Hua Lamphong to Hat Yai - using the first class sleeper cabin, great for comfort and security and privacy. You get a wash basin but no toilet, you have to use the normal one in every coach. The food is good on the trains, and its really nice to be able to sit in the comfort of your own cabin and watch the countryside roll by, while you drink your beer and eat your food. This trip cost about 1400 baht about three years ago, I doubt it has gone up much since then.( one way journey ). On arrival in Hat Yai you have the choice of Taxi or bus to Songkhla. There are a few good hotels in Songkhla town along with some budget ones.

I first stayed in the Green World Palace Hotel when I started to visit this area. I was told by friends in Bangkok to be careful when travelling in the South of Thailand due to the many political problems there. Personally I never saw any problems or trouble while there, but I am aware that Hat Yai does seem to have its fair share of problems and unrest.  You can read an article on this matter in the links section from the Asia-Pacific Security Studies

I loved my time in Songkhla, especially the Samila Beach area, where some of the best food in Thailand is served. Along this beach can be seen the Little Mermaid, synonymous of  the one in Denmark. The beach is beautiful and all along this beach area are bars & restaurants stretching up to the Samila Beach Hotel that boast’s its own golf  course attached to the Hotel.

Samila Sea Sport - : Rat Yindi Road, Songkhla 90110. Telephone : 0 7422 3416-7  Fax : 0 7422 3418

E-mail: info@songkhlasamila.com

Website : http://www.songkhlasamila.com

Samila Sea Sport was the Restaurant I used most of  the time, you can see why from their web site

There is a great market here in Songkhla town where you can buy just about all manner of items from food to furniture.

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