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Zoo’s in Thailand, Dusit, Chiang Mai

In Thailand, there are five public zoos, operated under the supervision of the Zoological Department Tel +66 2 282-7111-3).

They include Dusit Zoo in Bangkok, Khao Kheow  Open Zoo in Chonburi, Chiang Mai Zoo, Songkhla Zoo and Nakhon Ratchasima Zoo.

Usually the public zoos under the Zoological Department have very low admission fees; only 30 baht for adults and 5 baht for children.

However, there are some other remarkable zoos that are better known among tourists.Most are operated by private companies and are usually better-managed and more commercialised, with strong promotional activities and shows. Zoos specializing in crocodiles, elephants, tigers, snakes, ostrich, birds or dolphin shows are a few examples.

The most popular privately-owned zoos in Thailand include the world's largest Crocodile Farm and Zoo in Samut Prakan province, Sampran Elephant Ground and Zoo in Nakhon Pathom, Sri Racha Tiger Park in Chonburi and Oasis Sea World in Chantaburi.

For travellers looking for an alternative zoo experience, a visit to Safari World is highly recommended. Located in a suburb of  Bangkok, it is the largest and best managed open zoo in Thailand. It is the only zoo where you can see different kinds of wild animals roaming freely in a quasi-natural environment.

Chiang Mai Zoo was established by the Zoological Park Organization of Thailand in 1974.

Situated on 531 Rai of  forest land at the foothill of Doi Suthep mountain, the zoo is surrounded by hilly terrain which is home to thousands of species of wild plants and flowers adorning the natural  landscape of  valleys, streams and waterfalls. Chiang Mai Zoo is the first and only zoo in Northern Thailand

where visitors can experience the excitement and intimacy of various species of animals in their natural habitat

Chiang Mai    

Animals :  7000

Mammals :  475  

Reptiles :  218

Birds :  4,965  

Fish:  1,190

Visitors :  700,000 per year

Hours :  8:00 - 18:00

Adult Fee :  30 Baht  

Child Fee :  5 Baht  

Zoo's in Thailand, Page 1, Dusit, Chiang Mai
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