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The Bang Rachan Heroes Memorial Fair is held every February 4th to 6th at the Heroes of Khai Bang Rachan Monument and Khai Bang Rachan Park in Tambon Bang Rachan, Amphoe Khai Bang Rachan. Activities at the fair include ceremonies which pay homage to the image of Phra Achan Thammachot and include the laying a wreath before the Heroes of Khai Bang Rachan Monument. It also features a sound and light show on the courageous acts of the heroes of Khai Bang Rachan, folk plays, various other entertainment and exhibitions of numerous precious things of Sing Buri.

Kam Fa Festival: It is a merit-making fair of the people of Thai Phuan in Amphoe Phrom Buri’s Ban Bang Nam Chiao and Muban Phokhaphiwat. It is intended to worship and commemorate the deity who guards the sky and controls the rain to fall seasonally. On the second day of the waxing moon in the third lunar month, which is taken as a preparatory day, villagers will join and make Khao Pun ( rice vermicelli ), Khao Chi ( grilled rice ) and Khao Lam ( sweet sticky rice ) for alms to be offered the next morning. An auspicious ritual performed by Buddhist monks is held in the evening when participating villagers bring sticky rice, eggs and sugar. At night, there is enjoyable entertainment. Late that night, the villagers begin to steam sticky rice and make sweets. On the third day of the waxing moon in the third lunar month which is the Kam Fa Day, the villagers will bring the prepared offerings and food to make merit at the temple. Seven days after the Kam Fa, another half day of the Kam Fa ritual is celebrated and after five more days, food will be offered to the monks. Following this offering, a piece of firewood is brought to float in the river as a ritual to expel the drought. This is done lastly to complete the Kam Fa ceremony.

The Ti Khao Bin Festival is an old tradition only observed in the village of Chakkrasi in Amphoe Mueang, Sing Buri, during the Songkran Festival from the 13th until the 15th of April every year. The ceremony is performed by villagers who bring sticky rice or red sticky rice which are steamed and wrapped in banana - leaf cones. The cones of sticky rice will be put on footed trays and offered to Luangpho Phra Non Chakkrasi at Wat Phra Non Chakkrasi. After an appropriate period of time, there will be a ceremony to withdraw the rice. The villagers return to get their trays and take some sticky rice from the cones into a small banana - leaf cup which is then left before the reclining image of Buddha. The rest of the rice, which is considered the rice of Luangpho Phra Non Chakkrasi, will be shared and eaten at the temple by the villagers in groups of six to seven people.

The Fish Eating Festival and Sing Buri Red Cross Fair is held in late December each year. The Mae La River in Sing Buri is a natural source teeming with fish. Pla Chon Mae La or Mae La striped snake - head fish is very famous. It can be cooked into various delicious dishes of Sing Buri. Furthermore, Sing Buri is an origin of good cooks who possess recipes of well - known food and desserts.

Festivals around Sing Buri Province, Thailand

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