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Thai Food, cooking Rice the way the Thai’s do

Food Thai,Thai Traditional way of eating

Thai rice...Thai’s way of life

Reputedly the soul of Thai cooking, Thai rice is life for Thai’s and is the centre of the meal. The fact that rice is always the centre piece is evident in Thai culture. The phrase - kin khao - can translates as - eat rice - which literally means to eat food. Moreover, all the other foods on the table are regarded as accompaniments since they are usually being called kab khao, which means things eaten with rice.

Khao Horn Ma Li, internationally called Jasmine Rice, is one of  Thailand's best kept agricultural secrets. This fragrant or scented rice has a fine aroma and delicate flavour. As uncooked grains, they are translucent long grains which resemble India's Basmati rice. When cooked, the Jasmine rice will turn fluffy and white, ready to be served on the table, Khao Horn Ma Li is also known locally as Khao Chao, and is commonly consumed by those living in the Central and Southern regions

Preparing and cooking:

To maximise the fragrant flavour of Jasmine rice, the absorption or covered pan method recommended cooking methods.

Put the jasmine rice in a large bowl and pour in sufficient cold water to cover it. Gently swirl the grains between your fingers. The water may become slightly cloudy.

Leave the rice to settle. Then drain the water away by slowly tipping the bowl. Repeat this rinsing step at least three times until the water turns clear. This will help remove excess starch and any dust that may have accumulated during storage. Drain thoroughly.

Cooking steamed rice. Pour water into a pot and place over high heat. When boiling, pour in the rinsed rice and cover the lid. Stir occasionally.

To add more aromatic flavour to the rice, place three chopped pandanus leaves in the pot when the water is nearly dry.

Reduce the heat down to the lowest setting and leave to steam for 15 minutes. Then leave to cook for some five minutes.


three cups of  rice grain

four cups of water

three pandanus leaves


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