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Thai Food, Herbs & Ingredients

Food Thai, Cooking Rice the way the Thai’s do

Thai Herbs

& Ingredients

The essence of authentic Thai cuisine lies in its herbs & spices. For centuries, they have been contributing to the making of time honoured  dishes that reflect the true spirit of Thailand. When used in combination, they help achieve a balance of the five fundamental Thai tastes. The following are some of the herbs commonly used in the cooking & those which are increasingly known & available worldwide.



Three varieties with different fragrances are used. The most common is Bai Horapha (Sweet Basil), which has a slight aniseed flavour and a reddish purple colour at the leafstalk, often sprinkled on curries. Others are Bai Kahrao (Holy Basil), often stir-fried with meat, which has hotter flavour, and slightly hairy Bai Maenglak (Hoary Basil), a milder form often sprinkled over soups and salads. When these are not available, western sweet basil may be used, though the taste will be somewhat different

Food Thai, Thai Food, Ingredients