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Food Thai, Thai Food, Ingredients

Thai Food, Ingredients continued

Fish Sauce

Known as Nam Pia, this salty, pale brown liquid made from fermented small fish or shrimp is widely used in cooking and as a condiment to provide a salty flavour.




A relative of the ginger root, galangal (Kha) imparts a delicate, unique flavour. It is used fresh, dried or powdered.






Thai garlic (Krathiam) is smaller and sweeter than the western variety. It is used both fresh and pickled in a large number of classic dishes.






In addition to galangal, two other varieties of ginger are used in Thai cooking, the familiar one Khing and another Krachai, which has a milder flavour

Kaffir Lime

Both the fruit and leaves of this shrub, Makrut Thai, lend a distinctive taste to many Thai food especially curry pastes. There is no real substitute though.   

Lemon Grass

This tall, grass-like plant, known as Takhrai, has small, bulbous roots and a lemony flavour and aroma. The bud and base leaves are chopped and pounded for many dishes, as well as, for a refreshing herbal tea.


Used principally as a garnish for fish and main dishes, lime (Manao in Thai) is also freshly squeezed and mixed with water and sugar syrup as a beverage.

Mint Fresh

leaves of this plant (Saranae) are used for flavouring and for garnishing a number of dishes

Food Thai,  Ingredients for cooking